Saturday, December 5, 2009

Our bodies have everything we need

Lately I am seeing a trend with new health drinks, or health supplements. There is a shift starting to happen where we are not being told to take in fruit's or other things to give our bodies a great antioxidant. It is turning out that the things our body can benefit the most from are already within us. They are just not active.

One example of this is the Resveratrol that is in the Black Grape drink I mentioned in my last blog. The Resveratrol is only in the drink because it helps to activate certain cells in our bodies that greatly help us, but are dormant right now. The resveratrol activates these other cells in our body to give us great benefits to our health and life. To understand this more, watch this video. It helps to clear up what I am talking about a lot more.


Black Grape energy drink is the only drink that not only has this ingredient in it, but it also drives up our energy and just makes you feel great. You also don't feel any crash afterward, so you continue to feel great for a while. Try some out today. You may be surprised at how much better you actually feel. http://bit.ly/5TNLla

My wife and I are trying out another such product that helps to reactivate healthy cells in your body. We just started however, so if it works out as it should, we'll be informing you about it later on.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Black Grape Energy

I love to use energy drinks, but I do not drink any of those high sugar, high caffeine drinks. Those don't give me the kind of energy I need. I need energy that can last me through a shift at work and not bring me down as soon as it wears off.

Peoplestring has recently joined forces with a new company that produces a new energy drink called "Black Grape". This drink uses Resveratrol which is a great new dietary supplement that can improve your own metabolism and even burn more calories through the day.

The energy you get from this drink is a lot like "5 hour energy" where it doesn't smack you in the face making you jittery and such for an hour or so. This is more of a "I no longer need a nap" kind of energy. It feels great for work and improves my mood if I am tired. The problem with "5 hour energy" however, is that the energy is all you get from it. You get no other nutritional value from this drink, but Black Grape gives you the energy, plus the benefits of Resveratrol.

What my wife and I love though is there is no commitment with this drink. You can buy it or not buy it as part of Peoplestring. The really neat thing is however, with every case sold through our own store, we get $9 paid right back to us immediately. Peoplestring is completely free to join, and every member has this option available right when they join. This is not the main focus of Peoplestring, but it is a nice way to get something healthy and make a little money back.

It tastes kind of like a grape soda, but a little more bitter, and the flavor is kind of like eating the skin of grapes, which is where resveratrol is mainly found. As an energy drink, it is a great option. Join Peoplestring for free and use this as one way of making you feel better, and make yourself a little money on top. In these hard times, we all need options.

Check out the drink here. The case may be $50, but break it down for 24 cans, and it is a LOT lower in price than any other energy drink for its value on the market. It is about $2.08 per can.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Peoplestring is going to be huge!

My wife and I have been involved with Peoplestring for just over the past month and we have really gotten excited about what this means for our future.

Peoplestring is an amazing opportunity and involves absolutely no selling whatsoever. It is a website with many features and ways to provide you with additional income.

First off, they share their own revenues with their members. 70% of what advertisers pay them, they pay to us as members. The amount each person gets from this is determined by how much they use the website for their own normal internet use. As you use the site to access anything on the internet, you earn "People Points". These points slowly build up as the month goes on, and when they get the payment from advertisers once per month, the point totals determine exactly how much you are entitled to when weighed with the other members. Clicking on ads does not increase your own earnings and could get you banned if you do it a lot. They get paid from advertising in other ways.

The other way you can earn money is by way of advertising to you based on your own lifestyle.

Think about traditional advertising. TV advertising is a failing market because people tend to turn off commercials, change the channel or mute the TV. Companies spend millions of dollars on these ads and people just tune out. Print ads have the same problem. Newspapers are losing subscribers because they can just read the news online where there are less print ads to see.

This opens up this new way of advertising to consumers. Advertisers are willing to pay a couple of dollars just to get you to read advertising they send you in the mail. When you do this in Peoplestring, there will be a small code on the ad which you enter online to show you got it and looked at it. This earns you money. Even if you don't pay attention to the ad, you still glanced at it and maybe something registered in your mind. This is already better for the advertiser than most TV or Print ads. They got you to look at it.

On the main website is the social portal. From here you can set up a list of your favorite websites on the left hand menu. You can add whatever link you want and name it whatever you want. This allows complete customization for yourself and you no longer have to use your bookmark menu. Each time you click on one of your own links, this is called a "Click-through" and can earn you more "People Points". This not only makes it easier for you to browse the internet, it also can earn you money.

You can also do internet searches using Google from this same page. All the popular social networks and popular email websites are all accessible from this one page, plus it is a complete social network, like Facebook, all in one place.

You can get paid for 6 levels of referrals and there are 2 sign up options. One option is free, which pays you 5% of your direct referral earnings and 2% of levels 2-6 earnings. The second option is an entrepreneur package which is a pay package, but you can earn a lot more money. It is 20% for your direct referrals and 6% for levels 2-6.

This sounds complicated, but it really isn't. You don't have to sell anything, you don't have to carry any inventory. All you do is use the internet as you normally do and introduce this site to some of your friends or family to make a little extra money each month. It is completely free to sign up so there is no risk to you at all.

We have a great training site as well if you are interested in learning how to make this into a great supplemental income to your own, or even take it to a full-time business if you feel inclined. The website is http://www.teaminsomnia1.com

This company will be going public soon, so now is a great time to position yourself for the influx of new people signing up when that happens. To see how popular it already is, visit alexa.com and put peoplestring.com into the site lookup. We are already in the top 5000 of all the websites in the world and getting better each day. When you think about it, that is a real accomplishment.

Check it out today, sign up, have some fun, invite your friends, and start earning money with little effort.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Peoplestring, how does this work?


For people who are interested in Peoplestring but you are not sure if it is legit, This may make it more clear to you. You may be wondering "why would advertisers pay me to look at their ads? There must be something more to this". This may make it easier to understand.

Advertisers on TV spend millions of dollars making and distributing commercials on television. This is not a very good advertising practice because what do most people do these days when commercials come on TV? They leave the room to get a snack, go to the bathroom, maybe they change the channel and come back afterward. Some people even record their shows to watch it later and fast-forward through these commercials.

Advertisers in newspapers and other print media are also in a bad spot. They spend lots of money distributing these ads and again, what do most people do when they get them in the mail or in newspapers? They just ignore them and toss them out without even looking at it, or they skip the pages with ads in the paper etc.

People just don't care.

What can they do to help themselves get their word out? That is where Peoplestring comes in. If someone told you they would pay you money to watch the commercials on TV, would you do it? If someone told you they would pay you to read the ads in the newspaper, would you do that too?

This is what Peoplestring is doing. By paying us to read advertisements, both sides win. You may just be looking for that code to enter on the website to get paid, but even by looking briefly looking at the page, the ad has gotten to you. You will likely remember something about that ad and that is exactly what they want. This method is much more effective than TV ads or newspaper ads and it costs advertisers a lot less overall. Sure each ad is not a huge amount of money, but by getting many each day, it quickly adds up in pay for yourself.

Peoplestring is not a scam. Peoplestring costs nothing for you to try it out. Even if you don't make a ton of money, you will still make some, and with no overhead at all, that is 100% profit for YOU. This business can be very successful for yourself if you take the time and learn all about it and get your friends to join.

Who doesn't want to make some money with NO risk in these hard times? Go ahead, join us and we will support you all the way by sending you materials to help you get started on your way and answer any questions you may have about the program. You have NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain. Think about it.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

This is Ridiculous!

Cowboys Employees Sue Builder of Practice Facility

Let's set the situation of what happened. It was a bad day for weather. Most of North Texas was under a tornado watch and severe thunderstorms were continuously moving through the area. One of these storms made its way to the area where the practice facility was and slammed into it.

The entire place was shaking with the winds which were very strong at the time. Then one of the players decided this was a good time to leave the building. Opening the door allowed the winds to enter the building which can comprimise the entire structure because now you have force trying to lift it from underneath it. This is when the structure collapsed, big surprise.

The practice field is a Tent. Even with the metal poles supporting it, it is still a tent. It was holding up fine until they decided to open the door to get out. Think about this as if you are in your house. When a storm is raging outside, do you try to leave your house? For your own safety, NO you stay inside and get to a safe room to ride out the storm. These guys tried to leave and ended up getting hurt. Now instead of blaming themselves for not following the rules of storm safety, they try to pin the blame on someone else.

I do realize the tent was supposed to stand up to a stronger wind than was measured, but they don't know for sure how strong the wind gusts were at the time, they just have estimates. Any meteorologist can attest that winds in a severe thunderstorm can be extremely localized.

I blame the people who organize the practice events. WHY would you hold a practice session in a TENT when there is SEVERE WEATHER in the area and the whole region is under a TORNADO WATCH??? That is just stupidity in my opinion. The MEDIA was there as well, so it's not like they were not informed. They would be able to easily get information on the state of the weather outside. People just try to get money off anyone they can these days and they never admit to screwing up in the first place.

This bugs me because it was probably not the company's fault for building the structure wrong, but because they have a rocky history with other structures they built, they will have a hard time defending themselves. All people see is that players and coaches were hurt so someone has to be blamed for a TENT not standing up to a severe thunderstorm microburst.


Saturday, August 22, 2009

New, free way to make money!

Check this out, this is a new way to make money and they offer a completely free option.
Basically, you join the site, fill out a quick survey to determine your lifestyle, and you start to get junkmail offers from them. Each of these pieces of mail that comes to you has a code on it that you enter on the site. This pays you small amounts that builds up as you get more and more in the mail. You can also get percentages 6 levels deep of people you sign up and other people sign up under you.

You are already getting junkmail anyway, why not get paid to read it?

There is no risk and it will only take maybe an hour a day as you check your mail and input the codes you get onto the site. Check it out! The mailing program begins on September 15th and the socail portal will open sometime this month as well.


Monday, August 10, 2009

Electronic Dance Music

I love this style of music. The way the melody and rhythm go together it makes me feel good listening to it every time.

The main styles I love to hear is Trance, Eurodance, some House, and some Techno.

By far, my favorite DJ is Dj Tiesto. I have been to one of his events and it was amazing. He really loves what he does and knows what a crowd loves to hear. At the end of his set, he even tossed his headphones out into the crowd. I bet those things were expensive.

Back in the 90's I was looking for a style of music to get into. I was mainly into alternative for a while but eventually fell into Eurodance music after hearing my friends play it a lot at their houses. It just sounded great.

I still remember the very first CD I bought, it was Dance Hits Allstars 96.

This CD had a very good tracklist of popular songs at the time.
Click here for tracklisting.

When Robert Miles got into the scene and released his "Children" song, this got me into Trance Music. I loved how it sounded. People hate that Trance has no lyrics, but I feel this allows people from every country to enjoy the music without any language barriers. This can be seen at any Trance party in Europe. Many people who just can't understand each other are having fun and enjoying the party.

Dj Tiesto and Armin Van Buuren are my 2 favorite Dj's. Their music flows beautifully and it even borderlines "magical" at times. Whenever I am feeling stressed or down and can't be with my wife, this music helps me out a lot.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

One of the greatest games ever...

I was feeling a little nostalgic today so I played Final Fantasy 1 a little. This was an awesome game, I remember the first time seeing it in action.

Way back around 1990 or so, my best friend Omar and myself went to the video store to rent a game to play. I wanted something action oriented but wasn't sure what to get. He grabbed Final Fantasy 1 off the shelf and insisted on getting it because he had heard so much good about it. I wasn't sure about it but he kept on saying how good it would be.

We finally decided to get it and return home. I watched him play it a bit and was amazed at how much depth it had. I had never seen a game quite like this, with turn based combat. It didn't make a lot of sense to me but for the type of fighting involved, turn based was the best way to do it. You couldn't have much in the way of strategy playing an RPG like this if it was all real time. You had to think out what spells to use on which enemies, and which enemy each character had to attack.

The silly thing was if one character killed an enemy, and another character was targeting on the same one that just died, you would attack the air and miss. How silly would this look in a real fight? Attacking the empty air was probably just a simple error that the developers overlooked.

My friend rented this game a couple of times and I remember when he finally got to the end. When we first saw Chaos (the final boss) we both were impressed at his appearance

These graphics were very impressive at the time for the Nintendo. The final part of the story in this game did well in tying it all together and why it all happened. The storyline was weak, I will admit, but they did make it fairly easy to understand in the end.

When Square-Enix re-made this game in 2003, I was very happy about it and bought it up quickly. It was only a few weeks before it was announced when I said to my buddy "they should remake Final Fantasy 1, that would be awesome and it would let people see how the series all began.

They did great in upgrading the graphics, even if it still looked dated. The game was fun to begin with but they added all kinds of fun extras, including a complete beastiary which only filled up as you fought the monsters. This made it more fun to hunt down every mob and kill it so you could have the stats there in the book.

This was the game that got me into the whole RPG genre. If it wasn't for me seeing this game I may not have gotten into RPG's. At the time I just wasn't into the long story driven games, but this one game changed my mind.

This is why I feel this is one of the best games ever made in my opinion. Of course many people will disagree, but that is what is good about opinions right? =)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Final Fantasy XI, Who knew it could happen?

Ever since Final Fantasy 1, I have been a big fan of the series. I remember how excited each game made me when it came out, the way they were put together was great in every way. Random fights can get to you sometimes when you are just trying to get back to town, but the storylines were amazing.

When I first heard that Final Fantasy XI (FFXI) was going to be completely online, I didn't like the idea one bit. I was not a fan of playing games online with other players at the time, but we didn't really have anything worthwhile out at the time that really showed how great it can be. I was determined not to play it because of this.

Shortly after it was released, my best friend actually purchased it and tried it out. He told me all about how great it was so I went over to his place after work to check it out. It drew me in from the start. I never saw a Final Fantasy game look so beautiful graphically and have so much depth, and he was only in the first zone of the game.

Within the next couple of weeks, I bought it myself and started my journey into the game with my friend. After reaching the low 20's in level, he suddenly decided to start over. This was after about 30 hours or so of playtime, so i was not going to start over myself. I decided to keep going on my own and joined a party in the Qufim region. This was a great, fast paced party and we had great leadership. Everyone was having fun and I added everyone as friends after we were done. Emeraldzt (Alisa) was one of those people, but I had no idea who she was at the time.

Shortly after, I joined up with her to complete a mission and we got to hanging out after and decided to do things on our own, completing small quests etc. Just doing whatever we felt like doing.

Our relationship grew and we became inseperable online. We did everything together and even chatted out of the game in Real Life. We even married our characters in the game infront of all our friends.

In 2006, we finally were able to meet in the summer. I flew from Canada to Texas to see her and to this day I remember our first encounter vividly as I went down the escalator in the airport terminal. She was awesome, exactly how I imagined her from interacting with her online. My visit went so well, I knew I had to come back to see her.

Just before Christmas, I returned again for another visit. Shortly into the new year 2007, I proposed to her and she accepted! :) We got married in May that year and I filed for Green Card status. I am still here today and I am totally loving it.

I never would have imagined that playing a game I had no interest in to begin with would completely change my life for the better. It is like we were destined to meet one way or the other, and me being led into the game under these circumstances was the best thing that could have happened to me. We are both very happy enjoying our life together in Texas.

Online interaction is a really great way to get to know someone before meeting them because you really get to see who the person is before you meet face to face.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Weather is my passion

Ever since I was very young, when I first heard about the devastating Edmonton, Alberta tornado in 1987, I have had an interest in weather. I can't explain why I love watching the weather so much, it just fascinates me to follow storm patterns and trends in the atmosphere.
I was in Florida when Hurricane Andrew struck the state in 1991. We were in the Tampa area which was just to the north of the outer circulation. The sky was very dark to the south of our location and the storm surge had actually created a vacuum in the water exposing the sand bar that was close to shore. It was quite an experience and I enjoyed every minute of it.
I went through school in the direction to become a meteorologist and now I am living in Texas. I am from Canada, so the way the storms erupt here is awesome in comparison. An average storm here would prompt severe thunderstorm warnings back where I am from in Canada (the Toronto region)
If a severe storm in Texas went through Toronto, Ontario, you could bet people would treat it like it was the end of the world approaching. Someday I hope to actually do some chasing here but I need to get more settled with my family first.
From time to time I also take videos of storms that move through our area and post them to my Youtube account.
I may use this blog from time to time posting about severe weather events that move through our area near Fort Worth.