Saturday, August 22, 2009

New, free way to make money!

Check this out, this is a new way to make money and they offer a completely free option.
Basically, you join the site, fill out a quick survey to determine your lifestyle, and you start to get junkmail offers from them. Each of these pieces of mail that comes to you has a code on it that you enter on the site. This pays you small amounts that builds up as you get more and more in the mail. You can also get percentages 6 levels deep of people you sign up and other people sign up under you.

You are already getting junkmail anyway, why not get paid to read it?

There is no risk and it will only take maybe an hour a day as you check your mail and input the codes you get onto the site. Check it out! The mailing program begins on September 15th and the socail portal will open sometime this month as well.



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