Monday, August 10, 2009

Electronic Dance Music

I love this style of music. The way the melody and rhythm go together it makes me feel good listening to it every time.

The main styles I love to hear is Trance, Eurodance, some House, and some Techno.

By far, my favorite DJ is Dj Tiesto. I have been to one of his events and it was amazing. He really loves what he does and knows what a crowd loves to hear. At the end of his set, he even tossed his headphones out into the crowd. I bet those things were expensive.

Back in the 90's I was looking for a style of music to get into. I was mainly into alternative for a while but eventually fell into Eurodance music after hearing my friends play it a lot at their houses. It just sounded great.

I still remember the very first CD I bought, it was Dance Hits Allstars 96.

This CD had a very good tracklist of popular songs at the time.
Click here for tracklisting.

When Robert Miles got into the scene and released his "Children" song, this got me into Trance Music. I loved how it sounded. People hate that Trance has no lyrics, but I feel this allows people from every country to enjoy the music without any language barriers. This can be seen at any Trance party in Europe. Many people who just can't understand each other are having fun and enjoying the party.

Dj Tiesto and Armin Van Buuren are my 2 favorite Dj's. Their music flows beautifully and it even borderlines "magical" at times. Whenever I am feeling stressed or down and can't be with my wife, this music helps me out a lot.


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