Saturday, July 25, 2009

One of the greatest games ever...

I was feeling a little nostalgic today so I played Final Fantasy 1 a little. This was an awesome game, I remember the first time seeing it in action.

Way back around 1990 or so, my best friend Omar and myself went to the video store to rent a game to play. I wanted something action oriented but wasn't sure what to get. He grabbed Final Fantasy 1 off the shelf and insisted on getting it because he had heard so much good about it. I wasn't sure about it but he kept on saying how good it would be.

We finally decided to get it and return home. I watched him play it a bit and was amazed at how much depth it had. I had never seen a game quite like this, with turn based combat. It didn't make a lot of sense to me but for the type of fighting involved, turn based was the best way to do it. You couldn't have much in the way of strategy playing an RPG like this if it was all real time. You had to think out what spells to use on which enemies, and which enemy each character had to attack.

The silly thing was if one character killed an enemy, and another character was targeting on the same one that just died, you would attack the air and miss. How silly would this look in a real fight? Attacking the empty air was probably just a simple error that the developers overlooked.

My friend rented this game a couple of times and I remember when he finally got to the end. When we first saw Chaos (the final boss) we both were impressed at his appearance

These graphics were very impressive at the time for the Nintendo. The final part of the story in this game did well in tying it all together and why it all happened. The storyline was weak, I will admit, but they did make it fairly easy to understand in the end.

When Square-Enix re-made this game in 2003, I was very happy about it and bought it up quickly. It was only a few weeks before it was announced when I said to my buddy "they should remake Final Fantasy 1, that would be awesome and it would let people see how the series all began.

They did great in upgrading the graphics, even if it still looked dated. The game was fun to begin with but they added all kinds of fun extras, including a complete beastiary which only filled up as you fought the monsters. This made it more fun to hunt down every mob and kill it so you could have the stats there in the book.

This was the game that got me into the whole RPG genre. If it wasn't for me seeing this game I may not have gotten into RPG's. At the time I just wasn't into the long story driven games, but this one game changed my mind.

This is why I feel this is one of the best games ever made in my opinion. Of course many people will disagree, but that is what is good about opinions right? =)


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