Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Weather is my passion

Ever since I was very young, when I first heard about the devastating Edmonton, Alberta tornado in 1987, I have had an interest in weather. I can't explain why I love watching the weather so much, it just fascinates me to follow storm patterns and trends in the atmosphere.
I was in Florida when Hurricane Andrew struck the state in 1991. We were in the Tampa area which was just to the north of the outer circulation. The sky was very dark to the south of our location and the storm surge had actually created a vacuum in the water exposing the sand bar that was close to shore. It was quite an experience and I enjoyed every minute of it.
I went through school in the direction to become a meteorologist and now I am living in Texas. I am from Canada, so the way the storms erupt here is awesome in comparison. An average storm here would prompt severe thunderstorm warnings back where I am from in Canada (the Toronto region)
If a severe storm in Texas went through Toronto, Ontario, you could bet people would treat it like it was the end of the world approaching. Someday I hope to actually do some chasing here but I need to get more settled with my family first.
From time to time I also take videos of storms that move through our area and post them to my Youtube account.
I may use this blog from time to time posting about severe weather events that move through our area near Fort Worth.


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