Monday, November 23, 2009

Black Grape Energy

I love to use energy drinks, but I do not drink any of those high sugar, high caffeine drinks. Those don't give me the kind of energy I need. I need energy that can last me through a shift at work and not bring me down as soon as it wears off.

Peoplestring has recently joined forces with a new company that produces a new energy drink called "Black Grape". This drink uses Resveratrol which is a great new dietary supplement that can improve your own metabolism and even burn more calories through the day.

The energy you get from this drink is a lot like "5 hour energy" where it doesn't smack you in the face making you jittery and such for an hour or so. This is more of a "I no longer need a nap" kind of energy. It feels great for work and improves my mood if I am tired. The problem with "5 hour energy" however, is that the energy is all you get from it. You get no other nutritional value from this drink, but Black Grape gives you the energy, plus the benefits of Resveratrol.

What my wife and I love though is there is no commitment with this drink. You can buy it or not buy it as part of Peoplestring. The really neat thing is however, with every case sold through our own store, we get $9 paid right back to us immediately. Peoplestring is completely free to join, and every member has this option available right when they join. This is not the main focus of Peoplestring, but it is a nice way to get something healthy and make a little money back.

It tastes kind of like a grape soda, but a little more bitter, and the flavor is kind of like eating the skin of grapes, which is where resveratrol is mainly found. As an energy drink, it is a great option. Join Peoplestring for free and use this as one way of making you feel better, and make yourself a little money on top. In these hard times, we all need options.

Check out the drink here. The case may be $50, but break it down for 24 cans, and it is a LOT lower in price than any other energy drink for its value on the market. It is about $2.08 per can.


AlisaK said...

I really like this drink and so does my oldest son. It's not 'bitter' to me, but tastes a LOT like a Cran-Grape drink. The extra little boost of energy helps a lot and I know I'm getting the metabolism help and the reservatrol for antioxidants too. So, it's all good.

Anonymous said...

I want to try this too. I'm in Peoplestring already.
Glen Averill

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