Friday, October 2, 2009

Peoplestring is going to be huge!

My wife and I have been involved with Peoplestring for just over the past month and we have really gotten excited about what this means for our future.

Peoplestring is an amazing opportunity and involves absolutely no selling whatsoever. It is a website with many features and ways to provide you with additional income.

First off, they share their own revenues with their members. 70% of what advertisers pay them, they pay to us as members. The amount each person gets from this is determined by how much they use the website for their own normal internet use. As you use the site to access anything on the internet, you earn "People Points". These points slowly build up as the month goes on, and when they get the payment from advertisers once per month, the point totals determine exactly how much you are entitled to when weighed with the other members. Clicking on ads does not increase your own earnings and could get you banned if you do it a lot. They get paid from advertising in other ways.

The other way you can earn money is by way of advertising to you based on your own lifestyle.

Think about traditional advertising. TV advertising is a failing market because people tend to turn off commercials, change the channel or mute the TV. Companies spend millions of dollars on these ads and people just tune out. Print ads have the same problem. Newspapers are losing subscribers because they can just read the news online where there are less print ads to see.

This opens up this new way of advertising to consumers. Advertisers are willing to pay a couple of dollars just to get you to read advertising they send you in the mail. When you do this in Peoplestring, there will be a small code on the ad which you enter online to show you got it and looked at it. This earns you money. Even if you don't pay attention to the ad, you still glanced at it and maybe something registered in your mind. This is already better for the advertiser than most TV or Print ads. They got you to look at it.

On the main website is the social portal. From here you can set up a list of your favorite websites on the left hand menu. You can add whatever link you want and name it whatever you want. This allows complete customization for yourself and you no longer have to use your bookmark menu. Each time you click on one of your own links, this is called a "Click-through" and can earn you more "People Points". This not only makes it easier for you to browse the internet, it also can earn you money.

You can also do internet searches using Google from this same page. All the popular social networks and popular email websites are all accessible from this one page, plus it is a complete social network, like Facebook, all in one place.

You can get paid for 6 levels of referrals and there are 2 sign up options. One option is free, which pays you 5% of your direct referral earnings and 2% of levels 2-6 earnings. The second option is an entrepreneur package which is a pay package, but you can earn a lot more money. It is 20% for your direct referrals and 6% for levels 2-6.

This sounds complicated, but it really isn't. You don't have to sell anything, you don't have to carry any inventory. All you do is use the internet as you normally do and introduce this site to some of your friends or family to make a little extra money each month. It is completely free to sign up so there is no risk to you at all.

We have a great training site as well if you are interested in learning how to make this into a great supplemental income to your own, or even take it to a full-time business if you feel inclined. The website is http://www.teaminsomnia1.com

This company will be going public soon, so now is a great time to position yourself for the influx of new people signing up when that happens. To see how popular it already is, visit alexa.com and put peoplestring.com into the site lookup. We are already in the top 5000 of all the websites in the world and getting better each day. When you think about it, that is a real accomplishment.

Check it out today, sign up, have some fun, invite your friends, and start earning money with little effort.



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