Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Winter 2010 continues for Texas

Yesterday, we got yet another winter storm for our area. This makes 4 snowstorms for an area that is usually lucky to get 1 per year. Must be that global warming *rolls eyes*.

We got another 2-3 inches of snow yesterday here. It was hard to tell exactly how much we received because much of it melted before the storm was actually over. Schools remained open but that was because it never really accumulated on the roads, just the grass.

Here is some quick video I took of the white landscape outside our house here in Granbury Texas.

So far this season we have gotten about 12-13 inches of snow, which is basically unheard of here in North Texas. I am glad the children got to experience this because they may never see this kind of thing again in their lifetimes.

We are hoping this was the last time it will snow here this year, because many of us are ready for it to start warming up again now. I have a feeling though that this year may be a bit cooler than usual, which is not unwelcome news since we had many days above 100 degrees last year during the summer. Time will tell, but I'll be sure to update here as we get further into the year.

I just hope we get a good storm season this spring. Last year was slow to start.


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