Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sometimes I get so tired

My life right now has its ups and downs. Right now, I probably have one of the best schedules at work, but many times i just wish I could sleep in. My shift is 5am-2pm Monday through Friday. Weekends and evenings off. This may not seem like something so special, but this is in a "big-box" retail store. Most people have rotating schedules, but mine is consistent. It lets me enjoy my family since now I am home when they are home.

My one good day to sleep in is now Saturday. Sunday I try to get up earlier, so I can be more ready to sleep Sunday night. Getting up at 4am for work means going to bed by 9:30 pm. My whole life so far I haven't had to go to sleep so early every day. I guess I am getting ready for retirement, when it's early to bed and early to rise hehe. It is very hard for me to go to sleep by 9:30pm. This leaves me a bit more tired each day and by Friday, by around 8pm I am ready to crash. It's a price to pay, but the evenings and weekends off deal is way too good to change things around. This is the kind of schedule I have been wanting for a long time now, so I can be home when family is home. I can live with being a little more sleepy each evening if it means being with my wife.

Family is all we truly have in life, enjoy it!


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