Saturday, February 27, 2010

Network Marketing and Making Money Online

When I was younger, somewhere in my teens, I was interested in trying to make money in some other way than going to work every day.

I found that some websites that let you get a free domain also had a way to sign up for putting ads on your website and getting paid if people clicked and bought something from them. I was a newbie at this, so I decided to sign up and try it out. I put ads everywhere I could find to check out my "shopping website". I put banner ads all down the page and hoped for the best, but my traffic never did any good. People don't want to visit a website that has nothing but banner ads on it, unless you have some kind of hook, so I gave up on this project.

A few years later, my best friend told me he had found a program called Quixtar and said it was a way to get yourself a better income. After learning all about it, I decided to give it a try. The problem was my parents were able to buy many of the things Quixtar sold at much cheaper prices in the store. Another problem was they only shipped the products once a week and not even to your house unless you made a certain amount of money per month with them. I never renewed my membership because it was starting to cost me more money than I could afford.

Many years went by without me getting into any more programs. Going to school full-time and working part-time to pay for it didn't leave me much time for this kind of thing.

After I met the love of my life and moved to Texas to be with her, things started to change a bit. within a couple of years of being here, the economy started getting worse and worse. Her job was affected and we started to realize that normal work was no longer a secure way of providing for your family. For years, people would tell you network marketing was a waste of time because it was not secure work. It depended on how many other people you could get to join you. "Working a 9-5 job full-time is the only way to live your life and be secure" is the mindset of many people in the world. This economic problem proved that was no longer true. People with established careers were being laid off by the millions. We needed another way to do this.

Last year, we started looking into ways of making money online. My wife came across many programs and some were not good for us. Some of them had sneaky ways of being sure you got charged more money before you could react to it. We kept on digging around though for the perfect program.

We tried iJango, but because the founder had such a bad history, the company was failing miserably. It was a good idea, but the leadership just was not there.

In August last year, we shifted to Peoplestring. This has so far has been the best program we signed up for. We have been disappointed in the lack of communication from the head office in what is going on with the business, but they do pay when they are supposed to. Promises of the program kept going unfulfilled, but at least we were able to make some money. We still have high hopes for Peoplestring but we realize it may take longer than we need it to get going full swing.

Through Peoplestring, we met some amazing leaders. These guys know the ins and outs of network marketing and opened our eyes to many ways of making it work. They have become good friends of ours and have helped us at every turn on how to make this work. My wife is working this stuff full-time, when she is able to, and I am working full-time at my job and taking care of things so she can get this working for us. We are hoping within a year, we will be done with the J.O.B. lifestyle and we will be our own bosses, financially free.

The team we are with is called Team IMG, which stands for "Insomnia Marketing Group". Right now we are pushing 2 programs, TrafficWave and LGN Prosperity. These 2 companies have a long track record of being true to their word and our team is growing very rapidly, so we think this could finally be the answer we have been searching for.

If you want a way to get out of your J.O.B. and be your own person, check us out, we are there all the time to help anyone who needs it, new or experienced in network marketing.

This link is the way into our team. Check out what we offer, and enjoy life for once, the way we were meant to enjoy it.
Click here: TrafficWave


AlisaK said...

You are my hero! Nice post, love.

<a href="http://bit.ly/tw_alisa1>http://bit.ly/tw_alisa1</a>

Chris said...

Sean and Alisa are two of the brightest, most caring, and awesome people you could ever hope to build and income with. Great people, hearts as big as the moon...wait...bigger. Love you guys, to your success...Chris Plourde, IMG.

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