Monday, February 15, 2010

Socialism in our schools...

After a cancelled school day on Friday February 12th, today the school had their valentines day parties to make up for the day they missed. My wife and I are very annoyed right now however at how the school deals with the giving out of Valentines cards, and I think this is now common in every school.

Our grandson is in second grade and he has a person in his class he really does not get along with. They fight a lot, get in trouble a lot, you just can't put them together. When it came time for making up his Valentines cards, we suggested he leave this boy out because they are not friends and we don't want him dealing with this other boy any longer. Every other person in the class had a card made up for Valentines Day.

Today, my wife gets a call from his teacher saying he is there in tears because he didn't make this one card out for the boy he doesn't like, and therefore, he can't take part in any gift exchanges in class. They do this so no child leaves in tears because they didn't get a card from someone, yet they put our grandson in tears for not being able to participate.

This has to be one of the dumbest rules for a class on Valentines Day. Even if you hate someone, you still have to give them a card in order to get one from your own friends? I remember when I was in elementary school and you never expected to get a card from everyone in class, that was part of the excitement. You wondered if you would get that card from the person you liked, or maybe from a secret admirer. That was the FUN of Valentines Day when I was a child. Now it just sucks. It's another type of socialism being taught to our children in school. Everyone is a winner, everyone is loved by everyone so we all get cards *gags*. This is just another way our children are being taught to think everyone is equal, when we all know damn well they are not.

We would love to make enough money so we can both quit our jobs and home school our grandson. This way he can be taught the way all American children should be taught, the way it was done originally. Things just keep going downhill for our way of life, makes me wonder what's next......


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