Saturday, July 31, 2010

Still no storms this year....

With the year over half done now, I am still waiting for that one good thunderstorm here. Several times we have had one slip by less than 3 miles to our west or east, but it completely misses us. We can hear it loud and clear as it moves by, but our ground stays dry. It is like there is some kind of bubble over our area that deflect storms away from us.

We are now in the summer, and any hope of severe weather is low during this time as it tends to be more dry and hot outside. Maybe something will happen this fall, who knows. I hope we get something soon though. Every time we dodge the bullet, it annoys me. My wife knows all about this.

Keeping my fingers crossed for later this year when it starts to cool down again. Maybe there will be a battle in the atmosphere between the hot and cold air above us. I'll probably make some kind of blog when it finally happens.


Anonymous said...

hi Sean , can you put dates? or am I blind? I just see times but no indications what day you are referring to. ..love you and miss you, luf mum

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